Many parents wonder if it is a good idea to have their children learn martial arts. They have questions about whether it is just for some children, or if their child can benefit as well. One really important reason for children to learn martial arts is to boost their confidence. 

The following are the ways in which the Asian fighting arts boost children’s self-confidence:

Self-Defense –

Children who have been trained to defend themselves have the poise and courage that comes with knowing they are ready to defend themselves whenever they may be called upon. Many children today are the victims of bullying, maybe more than in the past, because of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying empowers groups of children who don’t have good self-esteem to tear someone else’s up to get their “fix” of cruelty. 

Children who are trained in the Asian fighting arts are prepared to defend themselves. That does not always mean a physical altercation. We teach children all of their options and provide a lot of practice so that they will automatically be able to make the right choices for self-defense when the time comes. This girds children with incredible self-esteem and poise. 

A child who has no idea how to defend himself may live in fear each day of one or more bullies. Living in such a situation tears up one’s physical security needs every day and tears apart children’s self-esteem. Sadly, sometimes children who are living through this daily hell at school keep this to themselves. Their parents don’t even know, and their children carry around the shame each day, as though what is happening to them is their fault, which it is absolutely not. Self-defense training stops the bullying cycle, allowing children to go about their day free from harm and free to flower and grow in whatever way they desire. 

Setting Goals –

Many employers today are having trouble with the new generation that is entering the workforce. Employers complain that employees from this newer generation don’t understand that you can’t just show up and get a gold star. These young workers have been conditioned by unwarranted praise when they were younger. Everyone was given awards in the mistaken belief it was helping their self-esteem, even when they did not earn the awards. 

These young adults have not learned the value of hard work in order to achieve. They easily get discouraged when things don’t immediately go their way. They realize that they were operating in a system that was rigged in their favor, and they often feel like frauds. Giving everyone a reward backfired and produced the opposite of self-esteem and self-confidence. It produced a generation prone to failure. 

Children who attend our classes learn that things are not just handed to people in life. They will have to work hard and practice diligently in order to learn the many moves that help them succeed in Asian fighting arts. They will learn that they don’t live in a vacuum and that achievement comes through practice, hard work, and devotion. They will receive the instruction and support to make that connection between hard work, practice, and results in a caring atmosphere. 

When children know the value of their hard work and practice, it gives them the self-confidence that they can surmount other obstacles in the same way. This gives them discipline and tough strength to succeed in life. 

Physical Strength, Agility and Fitness –

Children who are physically fit feel better about themselves. Children in Asian fighting arts classes become strong, agile and develop good cardiovascular fitness. Asian fighting arts classes are not seasonal, like other sports, so children who participate in our classes are fit the entire year.

Learn How to Achieve Under Pressure –

Children in Asian fighting classes have to demonstrate their learning in front of their class. This will likely be the first times of many in their lives that they will be called upon to achieve under pressure. They will quickly learn that those who take the time to prepare and practice are rewarded by growing achievement. This increases their discipline, confidence, and poise. 

Learn Socialization Skills –

All Asian fighting arts classes are taught in a social setting. This helps children to feel more poised as they interact with others. In fact, since Asian fighting arts courses can be taught with a wide range of ages in one class, it helps children to learn how to present themselves to other children and adults and know how to socialize. 

So often in the Internet Age, children are spending too much time in front of big and small screens. They often know how to deal with a virtual setting, but life is not like what is on those screens. For children to be able to achieve in the world, they are not going to just look at and interact with screens. They will have to interact with people. In fact, more employers today are looking for people with great “soft skills.” The “soft skills” are the skills about dealing with people in a respectful and positive manner. Too many young people today are coming out into the job market lacking those skills since they don’t interact enough with each other and the adults in their lives. 

Children that learn Asian fighting arts must interact with their instructor and their classmates in their dojo. They first learn about respect for others in class and then feel that others are respecting them as well. Everything is learned and practiced in a social and safe environment. 

If you would like your child to develop his or her confidence and self-esteem in a caring environment that emphasizes physical health, strength, and agility; self-defense and the importance of discipline, practice, and dedication towards achieving goals, then contact us today about enrolling your child in our martial arts training.