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      In addition to teaching martial arts to our own students, we also offer martial arts school programs and after school lessons.

      Children In School LessonsOur martial arts school programs are performed in school. Instructors will come to your school during the school day to deliver training that integrates the physical aspects of martial arts with lessons about character development, confidence, respect, and leadership.

      Below are details on our proven martial arts school programs that we offer to local schools.

      To get more information about our school programs, please contact us. We look forward to working with you on our common goal of making sure the leaders of tomorrow are successful and confident today!

      Character Education: The Be Your Best Program

      Here is the structure of this program:

      As a guest gym teacher or a guest speaker in the classroom, we work with the assigned grade levels to create interest among the children. We talk about the following:

      • How to be our best person using discipline
      • How to be a good listener and show respect for the teachers
      • You are what you sound like — confidence in the classroom
      • Dealing with a bully — using verbal defense tactics to deal with confrontation